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CPIO Certification

  • Examiner: Info. Officers Association
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  • Price: R 3,000.00

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This CPIO® exam verifies the competence of candidates who wish to be recognised as competent information officers and privacy specialists. The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is technical and complex. It needs to be understood, interpreted and applied to processing operations. This will require an extensive knowledge of data protection practices.

The CPIO® exam has been developed to ensure it is relevant and its content is current. Questions for the CPIO® exam are developed through a comprehensive process designed to ensure the ultimate quality of the exam.

Job practice statements serve as the basis for the exam and are the knowledge and skill requirements to earn the CPIO® certification. These job practice statements are periodically updated and consist of six domains. The domains and the accompanying tasks and knowledge statements were the result of extensive research and feedback from subject matter experts.

The tasks and knowledge statements describe the tasks performed by CPIO®s and the knowledge required to perform these tasks. Exam candidates will be tested based on their practical knowledge associated with performing these tasks.

The current job practice analysis contains the following domains and percentages:

  • Legislation for the protection of personal information (10%)
  • Privacy rights of data subjects (10%)
  • Conditions for the lawful processing of personal information (30%)
  • Data protection risk management (10%)
  • Generally accepted data protection measures, practices and procedures (25%)
  • Enablement of data subject rights and enforcement (15%)

Note: The percentages listed with the domains indicate the percentage of questions that will appear on the exam from each domain. For a description of each domain’s task and knowledge statements, please refer to the job practice section.

The CPIO® exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and is administered during one two-hour session.


Plan Name Price
CPIO Certification Exam ( 100 questions in 2 hours): R 3,000.00


Info. Officers Association

The Information Officers Association serves practicing information officers and other individuals in South Africa who are interested in clarifying and resolving key issues regarding the application of legislation for the protection of personal information and the promotion of access to information.

The Association actively addresses issues relating to the interpretation, best practice methodologies, processes, education and solutions that support the needs of its members. It is in regular contact with the Information Regulator and makes submissions on all matters related to the protection of personal information and enablement of data subject rights.

Exams available

Name Level Release Date
CPIO Certification 03.11.2020 07:43
Practice: CPIO exam 03.11.2020 07:43



Passing the CPIO® exam can be achieved through the study of the Protection of Personal Information Act, its regulations, guidelines, related legislation (e.g. Promotion of Access to Personal Information Act), standards, best practices and information related to its application and interpretation. No one study course or study book is available to assist candidates. Each candidate must critical assess whether they have a sufficiently broad understanding of the right to privacy and best practices for the protecting personal information.

No representation, warranties or assurances regarding a candidates’ ability to pass the exam are made in connection with any publication, course and/or other study materials.

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Leaders in the protection of personal information with more than ten years experience providing practical POPIA related solutions, services and training to information officers.